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Hairytales is a collaborative project of artists, filmmakers, designers, and other creative talent.
Join us on a Magical Inner journey of Transformation in the Hair Realm,
as the Enchanting Fashionable beings known as the Hairies share their wisdom through various Art forms.
This reflective Fairytale video series on the Internet will inspire, empower and entertain.
Hairytales is an Artistic Aid Amsterdam production

Welcome to this captivating fairytale series Hairytales.
It will inspire, empower and entertain.
Invite the enchanting fashionable beings known as the Hairies into your world.
Come, on this adventure to meet the Hairies in the episodes of Hairytales.


Friends of the Earth Europe
(Milieu Defensie)
Set provided for the 1st episode: "Mother Nature"


Dr Sticker
Supplier of Hairytales stickers

As an introduction to our Tales,
"Mother Nature" has been so kind to be our Narrator,
and explain the beginnings of our Story to you ....